Saturday, June 6, 2015

O'Steen wins "People's Choice" award at 2015 Patchwork Design show in Brazil

CQA has just received word that the winner of the People's Choice Award at the 2015 Patchwork Design show held in Rio and Sao Paulo, Brazil, this past March is Barbara O'Steen, for her piece titled "Fragment" that was featured in the CQA exhibit portion of the show. 

"Fragment," O'Steen's winner of the "People's Choice" award in  Brazil

O'Steen reports that she was thrilled by the news--but also surprised. Her assumptions were that the Brazilian attendees would like bright colors and her piece is mostly neutrals.  She thinks they liked the details created by her combination of three quilts into the one piece, as well as the three-dimensional effect in the shaping of the top quilt (which doesn't show as well in the photo of the full piece; see the closeup view for clarity). 

Detail view of O'Steen's "Fragment"
The piece, 66.5" wide by 44.5" high, measures 2" in depth. It was created entirely of commercial cotton fabrics with added paint. Part of the piece was finished in 2001, then revised with further additions in 2006.

"The history of this quilt is a reminder that the Brazil show does not care about the age of a piece, only that it be interesting," commented O'Steen. "This is very helpful considering that so many shows want only new pieces."

By winning this award, O'Steen will be the guest of the Patchwork Design show producers at the event in Sao Paulo in the spring of 2016.

(To see images of all the CQA pieces in the 2015 show, go to…/Brazil_2015.html)

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