Monday, March 31, 2014

"The CQA Collection" and StashFest in pictures

CQA was one of a select number of vendors at the highly successful 2014 StashFest event in La Conner, WA on March 29-30. Now in its second year, StashFest is a fund-raiser for the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum--as well as an opportunity for area quilt and fiber artists to purchase unique materials for their work.

All of the offerings in "The CQA Collection" were either created by or donated by CQA members. The fabrics ranged from hand-dyed, ice-dyed, hand-painted, silk-screened and otherwise embellished fabrics to vintage materials and pieces from international sources. "Just like last year," says Carla DiPietro, CQA's StashFest coordinator, "we started with tables full of materials but sold well over half of our stock in the first hour!"

Enjoy this photo gallery of the 2014 StashFest!

All quiet, before the doors open...
Our beginning inventory covered 4 long tables. By the end of the first day, our offerings covered less than 2 tables. Background: CQA volunteers prepare for the sale to open.
(Above and below) This vendor offered gorgeous hand-painted silk scarves and materials
The kitchen of the StashFest venue was turned into a shop of yukata cottons from Okanarts
Vendor Peggy Juel showed a variety of hand-painted pieces
Vendor Melanie Hopkins' sweater was as colorful as her ice-dyed fabrics!
Kimono and Asian materials and garments from vendor Ann Darling were popular.
Clean, modern designs on silk-screened fabrics from vendor Annie Lewis...
...even included covered buttons.
CQA volunteer Patti Bleifuss arranges three large panels of ethnic fabrics that were part of our offerings.
Following images are from "The CQA Collection." Some of the fabrics were donated by members from their own stashes.

Other fabrics were specially dyed or painted for the StashFest event.

Silks were  included along with cottons.
We had ethnic fabrics (top), batiks with coordinating die-cut elements (middle) and silk-screened designs (bottom).

We offered a lot of variety in color and design....

...not to mention different scales!
Something for everyone!
We had some embroidered pieces...and whole stacks of die-cut, fusible-backed elements that sold like the proverbial hotcakes!

Our supply of fabric postcards, created by CQA members, were also hot-selling items.
When the doors opened, the event was quickly jammed with eager buyers. Our CQA fabrics were being snatched up at once! (Photo by Christina Fairley Erickson)
Very happy with the progress of the sale are, from left, Carla DiPietro, CQA's coordinator for StashFest, and Patricia Belyea, organizer of the event for the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum. (Photo by Christina Fairley Erickson)

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