Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Art quilter Helen Remick's early work proves fresh as today

CQA member Helen Remick, Seattle, has made yo-yo's and complex spiral piecing hallmarks of her art quilts for a number of years, and recently even some of her earliest pieces have been appearing in current publications and exhibits. "I'm now convinced that my work is 10 to 15 years ahead of its time!" she laughs.

She has four images included in the book 1000 Quilt Inspirations: Colorful and Creative Designs for Traditional, Modern and Art Quilts, Sandra Sider, Editor, Hachette Press, 2015.  These are  “Raining Cats and Dogs” (2010), “Ma, How come she gets all the attention”  (2014), “Tangled Web” (2003), and “Fantastic” (1998).

"Raining Cats and Dogs" (detail)

"Ma, How come she gets all the attention" (Detail)

"Tangled Web" (Detail)

"Fantastic" (Detail)

Two of Helen's early quilts are on tour until 2016 as part of the exhibit associated with the book 500 Traditional Quilts, Karey Patterson Bresenhan, Editor, Lark Books, 2014. "Untitled" (1996) and “Spinning Out Spinning In 4: Rose of Sharon” (2005) will be at the IQA show in Portland and other venues. A third piece,“In Honor of the Wedding of Elizabeth and Yuki,” (2005) was not available for the exhibition.
"In Honor of the Wedding of Elizabeth and Yuki"

“Fantastic” (1998) was included in the SAQA red-quilts show on Facebook and has been picked up by Quilters Newsletter to appear in a near-future Readers Quilt Show feature in the magazine.  Helen recently finished instructions for this quilt in response to requests generated by someone pinning a picture of the quilt on Pinterest.  The pattern is available on Craftsy

"Fantastic" (Full view)
Our heartiest congratulations to this prolific artist!

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