Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brazil’s “Patchwork Design” show

Brazil’s “Patchwork Design” show

Over the past several years, a number of CQA artists have been invited as individuals to participate in the annual "Patchwork Design" show that starts in Sao Paulo, Brazil and then travels to Rio de Janeiro. Visitors at the shows voted for their favorites among the CQA pieces, and the 2-3 artists whose pieces received the most votes were invited to attend the subsequent year’s events as guests of the show organizers.

The lucky winners from the 2012 event were Sonia Grasvik, who this year traveled to the Sao Paulo show (March 14-16, 2013), and Helen Remick and Marianne Burr, who will attend the Rio show (April 25-27, 2013).
"Tango" by Marianne Burr

"Birdsong 1--Yearning" by Sonia Grasvik

"Spinning Out, Spinning In--4" by Helen Remick
In advance of the 2013 show, CQA was invited to participate as a group so that entry was open to all members. A panel within CQA nominated the entries to be submitted to the show organizers, who juried the submissions and made the final selection of artists and quilts for this international show.

Three pieces were selected from each exhibiting artist, including new work from Grasvik, Remick and Burr. Other CQA members included in the 2013 show are: Colleen Wise, Mary Arnold, Jill Scholtens, Bonnie Bucknam, Debi Harney, Melisse Laing, Lynne Rigby, Louise Harris, Marylee Drake, Patti Bleifuss, Cathy Erickson, Ruth Vincent, Donna Hudson and Bonnie Brewer.

"Bamboo" by Patti Bleifuss

"Gearing Up for the Future" by Marylee Drake

"Innovate, Inaugurate, Initiate #3" by Donna Hudson

"Firewall" by Jill Scholtens

"Steps" by Cathy Erickson

"Snowy Night" by Ruth Vincent

For views of all 51 works in the show by these and other CQA artists, please see the CQA website. or check out the Rutesato show itself! 

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